Construct notes

Joost Sicking was a one eyed pirate who lost his left eye when he was a child in world war two. Due to bombing. His companion did not survive. So he was considered lucky.

Born in 1932, third son of the classical painter and director of the Tilburg Art academy Henri Sicking. Educated in Antwerp and Gent, Belgium. Forgetting everything he was taught five years after. Loving Helma more than life. Painting and drawing 24/7. He passed away in January 1986 when his hart stopped beating.

The month before his death, he visited old and neglected friends. He made sure his mother in law, who suffered of Altzheimers’ disease, was taken care of. The week before the attack stroke his hart with a deathly blow, Joost dreamed he called his wife, Helma, but she did not hear him. He was supposed to go on a holiday with his son, Bald. After returning he would begin a whole new painting period, he told Helma. These paintings, she acknowledged, could now only be seen in the sky. The Dutch famous light falling down on the country through clouds, raindrops and hesitating rays of sun are, since Joost died, his private paintings to her. She left life ten years later.

This site is, shortly before the fifth lustrum of Joost’ passing, a kind of overview of his works. We are still busy constructing it. What you see is not what you get. You get more. Much more. Give us some time.

After we’ve finished putting all the paintings he made on the Internet (the paintings we know that exist), there is still more to get. We publish only images of the art, not the paintings, drawings and objects themselves. Reality is better! Colours are more composed and bright, sizes fit, skin is visible. In art, materials matter. It is like a photo of someone you love, the photo never matches the person, you just catch a glimpse.


Caro Sicking